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7:30 am (Except on 1st Sunday monthly) &

9:55 am



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3502 Lapeer Road

Flint, MI   48503

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our team:

Assistant Administrator


Wallace Elliott


Johnnie Cowley


Dr. James Shelley


Dr. Marvin Jennings, Sr.

Lead Pastor

Dear Member:


I am grateful that you have chosen Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church to be your church home.


Grace Emmanuel is an exciting place because of people like you who become a part of it and therefore, give it shape and texture. The church must never be static. It must always be changing and adapting to the personalities, the energies and the makeup of the people who are its very heart and soul.


We want you to use your energies here. Make this church what you want in a church. Find niches to fill. Our ministries are malleable; that is, they are made to be unmade and to fit the ever-changing needs of our church and community. The Church is living matter; it is tissue and muscle; it is emotions and reason. Its parts are larger than the whole; for each of us is a sacred temple wherein God resides. Everybody fits here because there is room!


Because you are now a member of this church, this church is richer and more vibrant than it was! We welcome you here. Your degree of involvement is up to you. We want you to feel a part of  helping to shape us anew!  May your faith give you direction. 


God’s blessings upon you.

Marvin A. Jennings, Sr., Pastor

Glenna Gates
Sheila Fowler
Wesley Thompson

Church Secretary

Teresa Fowler


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