celebrating 53 years

Rev. Lindell and Peggy Brady
Organizers, GEBC

May 15, 1966:  Reverend Lindell L. Brady was led by God to organize and build Grace Emmanuel Church, a new testament church.

May 15, 1966:  The charter members of the newly organized body, along with four friends, met in the home of Rev. Brady at 2033 Crocker Avenue.  The eight charter members were Rev. and Mrs. Brady, their two children, Linda and Steven; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Richardson, and their two sons, Robert and Randy.

Rev. Brady's home could accommodate his small congregation for only one month. The Eureka Lodge Hall on Ferris Avenue was the next meeting place of Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church (GEBC).  On June 12, 1966, the first service was held at the lodge hall.  The congregation quickly grew; on October 2, 1966, Stewart Community School at 1950 Burr Blvd., became GEBC's new location.

May 7, 1968:  Rev. Brady held ground breaking services to build our first church at 1513 Kent Street.

April 19, 1981:  Pastor Brady held ground breaking services to build our second church at 3502 Lapeer Road.

May 16, 1982:  GEBC celebrated "Entering-In-Service" of its new church at our present address.

In 1985, after 19 1/2 years of serivce, Pastor Brady announced his retirement.


November 17, 1985:  Pastor Marvin A. Jennings, of the Second Baptist Church of Bay City, Michigan, was voted Pastor-Elect of GEBC.

December 2, 1985:  Pastor Brady officially passed the Pastoral Baton to Pastor Marvin A. Jennings.

January, 1989:  The church was further blessed with the increase of 202 new members.

January, 1989:  Continuing within God's vision, Pastor Jennings was prayerfully led to increase the official board of seven new officers, who completed training and were officially installed on December 16, 1990.

December, 1989:  God revealed to Pastor Jennings the need to establish church ministries. Prayerfully and in obedience, he proceeded to establish ten major ministries and related sub-ministries.

January, 1990:  Pastor Jennings' vision resulted in an off-site five year strategic planning session.

May 18, 1991: Grace Emmanuel celebrated its 25th church anniversary, in glorious service to God.  In conjunction with our anniversary celebration, the lower level of the church was dedicated and named "Grace Fellowship Center".

May 18, 2016: GEBC celebrated its 50th church anniversary serving God and the greater Flint community.

God will continue to bless His people, Grace Emmanuel, with spiritual prosperity and growth under the pastorate of Rev. Marvin A. Jennings.   As the church moves forward on God's battle field, Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church will truly be the "Church where God's program comes first," but more importantly, "The church where God comes first."

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